Friday, March 13, 2009

Week nine

1. First thing I notice is my eyes. Then my hair takes my eye down the picture.

2. A black and white photo of myself in a stocking cap. composition is mainly on the left side of the picture. The eyes stand out quite a bit, a half smile, with long hair hanging down. A white wall in the backround.

3. Very bold dark seperations of line. Compostion is to the left of the page. Good values of light in dark. 

4. It is a very simple picture. so i would just call it simple.

5. Ingres' paintings are full body paintings of beautiful women. not very many head shots. so i guess the only thing my picture has in common with Ingres' is that i'm a woman.

Week five

1. Sweet innocent baby, crazy hair. I love how she has her arms positioned. Her white/pink outfit stands out the most. I think this is a very calming photo, atleast that is the effect it has on me.

2. A 2 month old baby, sleeping. Crazy dark brown hair.Proping her head up with her right arm and her left is across her chest. Sweet chubby cheeks. A person with a purple shirt with grey sleeves is holding her. The baby is wearing a white/pink outfit that stands out most in the picture.

3. I like the composition in that the babys heads is not quite centered and her body draws your eye across and off the page. Also her positioning is very interesting and her hair creates very interesting shadows and lines, I love it!

4. Posing. Everytime I see this picture it looks like she is posing, even though she is sleeping, the camera loves her.

5. Seeing Edgar Degas' photos I saw he had a lot of ballerinas which made for a wonderful compostion. It seemed like something he was very interested in painting. Although none of his are close up like my photo,  I love pictures of babies.

week Six

1. Dark wood, plain white walls. I notice the wood frame on the door closest first, the differents tones in it. Because of the of the walls being the plain and the color effects i thinks this hallway looks a little depressing.

2. A short hallway, showing the wall on the right. Two doors, both shut. Natural wood for the frame and doors. A thermostat on the wall in front of the first door and dark carpet.

3. The compostion is off set to the right. The door frames really stand out show a variety of color.

4. I think the photo shows emptiness and depression. Definately needs some wall art. The one word i would use is empty.

5. I think the straight lines and the dark colors are what connect this to Ruscha's drawings. 

Week seven

1. Soft alot of texture in this pic.
I notice the fold that is the center first then the darker outer edge. It makes me want to grab a blanket an go to sleep.

2. White blanket, folds in the center. The texture is made from short strings coming out of the blanket. It has a darker outer edge.

3. The texture take up the whole photo, the darker out edge really helps show the texture. The folds make the picture more interesting.

4.  Looking at the photo one word to describe it would be fuzzy. I don't think there is much of a story here.

5.   Serra's sculptures have a really straight hard edge to them really defining his work. I think the dark border around the picture i took really brings out the texture as Serra does in his work with hard edges.

Week four

1.  Outdoors and music. What I notice first is all the lighters and the phones held up in the air, then the band in the backround. 

2. This is a black and white photo taken at a concert. There are hundreds of people with lighters in the air, a band on stage in the backround to the left. In front almost center the back of a guys head with a hat on.

3. The black and white really makes the line of the peoples arms standout. The main event of the pic is in the backround barely to be seen but the focal point is a hat. I like how the b/w makes the flames look.

4. I think its story is the rock band playing a more laid back song, everyone has out there lighter so i would simply go with flames.

5. Durer does alot of drawings in black and white which really makes his images pop out. I think that using black and white for my photo definately made the images more clear, interesting and dramtic.

Week three

1. Old and worn rocking rocking chair. How old is this chair? How many people contributed to its wear?

2. An old rocking chair, pictured is just a the top left of the chair though. There are parts appear to be really smooth and other rough and worn out. 

3.  I only took a picture of part of the chair i suppose to give it an interesting look and leave the viewer to wonder what the rest of the chair looks like. I really like the lines not only from the outline of the wood but from the wear lines in the wood. Also the color I set the picture in makes it more dramatic and shows its age.

4.  I think it tells alot, and also leaves alot to the imagination. This old worn out chair was my grandmas so it has a lot of meaning to me. Each scratch or worn out piece of wood has its own unique story. If i had to give a one word label it would probably be "memories" because i can't help but of old wonderful memories when i see it.

Week One

1. Precious little dog, his big ears stand out the most, drawing direction to his sweet eyes . He's waiting patiently because he thinks he's getting a treat. I had to give him one because he is wonderful.

2. This is a photo of a dog part corgie part chihuahua, sitting down looking straight up at the camera. Has markings around his eyes, his ears take up the majority of the picture. He has the sweetest eyes and is trying to mesmorize you with them so that he can get held.

3. The composition is almost centered, the dog a little off to the right. I think the eyes become the focal point of the picture with the rug as a nice backround. I left the picture in color but i think it would have looked neat in black and white as well, maybe it would have been a bit more dramatic.

4. The story i think it tells from knowing this dog is that he is trying to look innocent and sweet. The sad puppy eyes get me every time, so i'm sure i took this right after he went to bathroom behind a chair or something, but looking at the pic i can't be mad. So if I had to name it with one word it would be innocent.

5. The photo connects with Kathe Kollowitzs drawings in a way the there is much expression on his face but it still says alot, and with her drawings some of the people didn't show much expression but still the face said alot about the picture.